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After exploring the Museum, we invite you to stop by and browse through our Gift Shop. We have an extensive collection of arts and crafts, a wide range of books on the Cherokee Heritage, souvenirs for the folks back home, and, of course, some fun things for the kids.


Best Seller Book List:
  • “Exploring your Cherokee Ancestry” By: Thomas Mooney $13.95 plus S&H
  • “Sequoyah” By: Stan Hoig $19.95 plus S&H
  • “Footsteps of the Cherokees” By: Vicki Rozema $21.95 plus S&H
  • “History, Myths, and Scared Formulas of the Cherokee” By James Mooney $21.95 plus S&H
  • “Valley so Wild” By: Alberta & Carson Brewer $18.00 plus S&H
  • “The Cherokee People” By: Thomas Mails $34.95 Plus S&H
  • “Journal of the Cherokee Studies” $2.50 up to $5.00


To Order by mail, please download and submit the following form:

Mail Order Books [PDF 36kb]